Math – Round 4

Mathematics, as known as Math is one of the basic, important, and my favorite subject. I felt so enthusiastic about the class and shows a lot of appreciation, and now, I realize that I love Math than I thought since I was very young.

For this round, we studied with two leveled books at the same time since the two levels are similar. The books that we learned were Primary Mathematics 5B, and 6A. We get to learn mostly about percentage, angles, and triangle. Now, I know how to convert percentage into fraction or decimal, I know the different types of angles and triangles. We did many exercises and activities in group and it improved my teamwork and communication skills.

For me personally, I think that even though it’s Math class but we still get many skills, too. I hope to learn many new lessons in the next round and stay tuned, there will be more post coming soon! Thanks for reading!

Math – Round 3

Before I start telling you about what I did in Math class, I have one exciting thing to share first. The exciting thing is that I received a new book (from 5A to 5B)!

The lessons that we learned were decimal, measures, and volume, percentage, and data analysis. What I enjoyed the most was the decimal lesson. For decimal lesson, what we learned were converting fraction to decimal and decimal to fraction, round and estimate the decimal, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division with decimal.

For my thought for this round is that it was really fun and enthusiastic. I worked in groups a lot which helps me with teamwork and collaboration. That’s it for this round! Thank you and don’t forget to come back next time!

Math – Round 2

Math is one of my favorite subjects that I learn here at Liger. During the second round of math, I got to learn many new things.

First, I reviewed some fraction lessons that we learned last round (Math Last Round’s link).

After that, I got to learn a new lesson about geometry. In that lesson, I learned about perimeter and area of the square, triangle, and parallelogram.

Then, I got to learn another new lesson, ratio. In that lesson, I learned about “finding ratio, equivalent ratio and combining three quantities.

Beside Lessons in the book, I was assigned to do some fun coding about math algebra on a website called Khan academy is also one of the websites that helped me a lot in the past several weeks of math. 

One of the exercises I did in math class.


After I learned those lessons, I felt very enthusiastic in class and I can’t wait to learn more lessons in my wonderful class. Thank you so much for reading!

Math – Round One

Math is one of the most important subjects that I need to learn and gain my knowledge and it’s really important for my future, too. In this first term of math, I’ve learned many lessons such as whole numbers, fraction and algebra. I was trying to make the best of my learning in this class and other classes.

In the whole numbers lesson, I learned about writing numbers in words and standard forms; adding, subtracting, multiplication, division, comparing numbers and estimating. For fraction lesson, I studied about proper and improper fractions, comparing fractions, mixed numbers, adding, subtracting, dividing and multiplying Fractions. For algebra, we did some challenging algebra word problems but I did very well, too. Even though it was difficult, there are no right or wrong, it is our experience.

Seven weeks so far, I very enjoyed and I can’t wait to learn more lessons and do more exercises. Math is fun!