Final Round of Multimedia

This is the last round of multimedia and technology essential. Let’s review everything we’ve working on throughout the year. We’ve learned about researching skills, Adobe software such as Premiere Pro; Photoshop; Lightroom; InDesign; Illustrator, algorithm, photography, videography, and python. So, in the past weeks of our essential class, I got to choose anything I’ve learned that interests me and make something out of it. I enjoyed learning all of them but I feel like learning about Adobe Photoshop is more interesting to me. I decided to choose Photoshop and explore more about it.

What I did was designing and trying out more effects. I watched many tutorial videos about Photoshop Effect. I tried the glitch effect, wood burning effect, picturing a wall, and some poster designing. It was a little bit challenging for me to tried new tools in the photoshop because it was the first time. But after trying out, I was glad that I can challenge myself with and explored many new tools in that software. After I finished editing, I had all the pictures together and I thought, “Maybe I could try putting the photo together as a PDF file in Adobe InDesign so at least I could explore a little more in that software. So, I put it all together with description nearby.

This is not just a software learning but there’s something that not everyone has noticed. Not just learning new tools but at the same time, I gained so many skills such as learning independently, challenge yourself and stepping out of your comfort zone; and with hard work and determination, I’ve done my final product. Feel free to check it out by clicking the link below.


I hope you enjoy reading my portfolio, Thank you!